Best GPS Watches for Hunting You should Know (Best reviews for you)
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Best GPS Watch for Hunting You should Know

best gps watches for hunting

Best GPS Watch for Hunting You should Know

by nishejewel

If you are one of those persons who is hard to stay and keep indoors, you must occasionally forget to keep track of time. To save yourself from only coming to know of the time when the sun sets the horizon,  there are some of the best gps watches for hunting that you need to check out. As they say, for want of good weapon, even the strongest of warriors fail a mission. In your course of tracking animals, staying alert of sudden moves, and waiting for the crucial moment where you can snatch victory, you’d surely need a GPS watch on your hunt to make it worthwhile, safe and timely.

You could argue what wrong is there with your regular watch that keeps time too! But friend, imagine your everyday work-watch going through a rainstorm, dealing with dirt and mud while creeping and crawling, and making it half-dead with the coarse adventure you may find yourself in. So much for timekeeping! That is why we suggest you check out these GPS watches. Some of them work more than just GPS watches, giving you high-end aesthetics.

Product Reviews on the Best GPS Watch for Hunting

Here are 8 of the best GPS watches for hunting and hiking that will help to serve your purpose

01. Garmin Foretrex 401 Hiking GPS

About handheld GPS that you may need for hunting, the best handheld GPS for hunting on our list today is from Garmin. This waterproof hiking GPS features a highly sensitive GPS receiver. It has an added function of HotFix which allows improved performance and reception. This feature is a lot useful when you are in inaccessible places. Say, for example, you are hiding in a large tree trunk, or are inside deep canyons. What if your GPS watch stops working now? Who will help you when you come out of it or while you are in it? Except for God, this watch can. It can receive signals in there too.

Keeping track of routes and waypoints are much easier with your friend, this watch. Also, you get to check our heart rate and monitor it with an additional feature that allows you to do so. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the watch and is sold separately.

The most useful feature here, besides the other useful features, of course, is the TracBack feature. With the help of this one, you can trace back your path to exactly where you came from. There is a very easily readable LCD here. The resolution is 100*64 pixels, enough to be not so congested and the display screen is sized 1.42*0.91 inches. Also, the battery life, very importantly, lasts for 17 hours in GPS mode. The dual-position readout allows readers to view what location he is in, in two formats.

Remember to hold the compass horizontally for maximum accuracy of results.

Other than these functions, the watch has a trip computer, sunrise and sunset alarm, hunting/fishing information, and a barometer and altimeter.


  • Comes with a wrist-expansion strap, USB cable, and instruction manual
  • Garmin Connect allows you to view your activities by merging with Google Earth
  • Can help you explore routes
  • Displays path on a dotted trail
  • Can save locations in its memory, marked as waypoints
  • Hard to get lost with it


  • The manual isn’t very nicely written

02. Timex T49612 Expedition Watch

What is said about this watch, is that it was built for outdoor “torture tests”. You don’t need to imply this as ruthless destruction of peace and tranquility, endless screaming and begging. This torture is simply what the wilderness has to offer, meaning rugged situations.

This watch features a bold and negative display. It can resist water up to 200 meters deep or 600 feet deep and works just as fine as it would above water. The sock-resistance complies with the ISO standards. The strap is made of Nylon, whereas the case is made of resin and altogether they make a pretty comfortable duo on the wrist, also lightweight and durable.

There is also Indiglo night light in the watch to let you see better when your expedition continues in the dead of the night. This is one of the most important and popular features of Timex known worldwide. With a large and selectively variable watch collection, Timex has been very popular all over the world, especially in the US, Canada, and Germany, and is even the name behind building the first Mickey Mouse watch.

Coming back to our watch here, this digital watch has a clasp-like, strong buckle that will let you do your activities without slipping from your wrists or moving about. It also has a display calendar or the date, month and year. It runs via the Quartz movement and is resistant to both shock and water, upon condition.


  • Look, size and color are impressive
  • Large yet lightweight
  • Has included timer and compass
  • Doesn’t bug when exposed to mild chemicals like sprays and paint
  • Runs perfectly well even after getting hit, wet or muddy
  • Great watch for everyday use outdoors


  • The band is susceptible to breaking after a year or two of use and is irreplaceable from elsewhere than the company itself

03. Garmin Instinct Outdoor GPS Watch

This is one of the best Garmin GPS watches for hunting with style and time. This rugged watch is built so that it can stand up to the wild claims of super-tough environments. Would you guess what standards were followed for making this absolutely stunning timepiece? The US Military Standard 810G for thermal-resistance, shock-resistance, and water-resistance. The withstanding capability of ruggedness and its openness to come what may is inspired by the Military who have to expose themselves to the most unpredictable of scenarios.

A 3-axis compass is inherent in the watch and it also has a barometric altimeter. Other features of this include having a global navigation satellite system (Galileo, GLONASS, and GPS). This gives a stronger partnership that being left under the directions of GPS alone.

You can monitor your heart rate, stress level, and activity by keeping a track of your profile in the watch.

With the help of Garmin Connect, you can keep in touch with your data being automatically uploaded to the community by a compatible smartphone. Then there is the TracBack feature, of which we talked earlier. The Garmin Explore website allows you to plan your next trip and tell you what new to explore other than the places you have been to.

In smartwatch mode, the battery life is up to 14 days. In GPS mode it can run up to 16 hours. Lastly, in the UltraTrac battery-saver mode, you can expect it to last for up to 40 days without issues.


  • The perfect watch for hunting, backpacking, hiking, running and biking outdoors
  • Gives you an accurate altimeter, barometer, and GPS
  • Very lightweight and comfortable than other Garmin watches
  • Responsive menus
  • Excellent screen visibility in day and night
  • Accurate sensing and tracking
  • No fear of accidental presses thanks to the recessed buttons


  • The screen display material could be stronger

04. Suunto Core Digital Watch

This all-black, quartz watch from Suunto features a matrix display. It has a round, composite 49.1 mm case and the band material is an elastomer. Elastomer accounts for the flexibility and comfort that comes with this watch.

The construction is pretty robust, combining an altimeter, a barometer, and a compass, along with weather information, just enough for outdoor explorers. With the altimeter, you get to know your current elevation and keep good track of your ascent or descent., great for mountaineers and skiers. The barometer can help you forecast sudden changes in weather and let you decide on your activity for the day. With the compass, you can pinpoint locations and find your way through. Lastly, the sunset/sunrise alarm lets you measure your active time and lets you know when you should rest.


  • It features a wonderful design
  • Looks very cool compared to other Suunto watches
  • Very large, readable display
  • Great for basic outdoor exploration


  • Falls short in the competition since it is for basic activities

05. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin Fenix is an excellent hunting GPS and has its own fan base for the performance, features, and looks.

They call it the ultimate “multisport” GPS watch. Other than allowing you to measure your heart rate with a glance at your wrist and a push of a button, there are plenty of things the Fenix can do. It helps you, with its colored TOPO map with a “Trend line”, to route your adventure in safer and known roads, the best paths that have been previously followed in the same expedition. Other than, there is a wrist-pulse based Pulse Ox Acclimation non-medical sensor, that can give you an estimated blood-oxygen saturation level, which is very useful when you are tracing higher altitudes. But the sad thing is that this feature is not available in all countries.

The rugged design of this adventure-fit watch features a scratch-resistant Sapphire display, shaped like a dome, and a stainless steel/DLC-Titanium bezel and rear case.

There is one feature here that you probably wouldn’t have expected in the least. But before we let it out, how would you feel if you were the hero of a movie with background music of strength, ruggedness, determination, and motivation playing? Of course, you have seen movies like that. The pump-up songs elevate the experience and give you sort of renewed vigor and make things easier and better than listening to nothing, right? In this watch, you get to store up to 500 songs of your wish and don’t let us tell you how exciting things will get!

You can listen to them by connecting your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your adventure. With Garmin Pay, you can also do transactions even while climbing the mountains.

Last but not least, the battery life lasts up to 20 days in smartwatch mode and up to 13 hours with GPS mode and music.


  • Excellent for skiing, biking, climbing, dirt biking, etc
  • Helps to trace back routes and provides useful information
  • ABC and navigation are accurately depicted with very minor variance
  • Contains detailed maps


  • Garmin Connect sometimes creates issues, making it harder to find a compatible phone with the watch

06. Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

If you were looking for a handheld GPS for hunting and had not found it till now, let us present to you one of the best handheld GPS watches for hunting from Suunto.

This comes in 2 variants, one with a heart-rate monitor and one without the heart rate monitor. The only color available is the black one.

The Ambit3 delivers to you a very stable and accurate altitude measurement system and the barometer allows you to have a prediction of the weather in your area of the expedition. There is also full navigation available on the watch. Besides the built-in altimeter, barometer and GPS, there is a compass that lets you keep track of the directions. There is also a heart-rate monitor and activity-based recovery time generator. You can run it in multiple languages. It is water-resistant for up to 100 meters. They claim to have one of the most competitive battery hours in the market, 200 hours with 1 minute GPS accuracy, which means 30 hr battery with 5-second accuracy.

The case material is made of polyamide.

In order to sync your activities, you can connect your Ambit3 to your smartphone, customize it as you like it, and get calls and notifications on your watch. Also, while taking photos along your adventure, you can create a Suunto Movie with an integral app and share the highlights of your journey. The free Suunto Movescount app helps you adjust the watch on the go.


  • A great GPS watch for trail-running and training
  • Movescount allows you to track and plan activities
  • Can be used for daily wear


  • The weather alert is sometimes troublesome

07. Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch

Here is again one of the best GPS watches for hiking by Suunto, the Traverse Alpha. The watch features a knurled and rugged stainless steel bezel. It has a durable and water-repelling strap made of nylon and the material of the case is made of premium scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal glass. The dial size is 50 mm and the thickness of the dial is 15 mm. One of the finest things about the watch is the feature of Suunto’s automatic shock-detection technology. This helps you to keep track of the place and time you are shooting in and maps the coordinates of your whereabouts for later inspection.

The GPS in the watch tracks your path and helps you find your way back with what they call the “automatic breadcrumb trail”. Reminds you of the story of Hansel and Gretel, right? It is also compatible with the Suunto Movescount app.

There is also a location-based moon-phase calendar available with the watch. The utility of this unique addition is that you get to know the moon rising and moon setting time. This helps you determine the best hunting and fishing time. This is very different from the sunset/sunrise alarms we have seen on most of the watches so far.

The optimal operating temperature for the watch is -20 degrees to 60 degrees celsius. The watches are made in Finland and tested according to Military Standard 810G.


  • Worth the money for the useful features
  • Reliable GPS with good GPS connection speed
  • Accurate trail-keeping
  • Great for military men, runners, fishers, and hunters


  • You have to change the time zones manually

08. Garmin Fenix-2 GPS Watch (Renewed)

Last on the list of the best hunting GPS, we would like to end it with Garmin.

This watch has almost all the features we have been talking about in our Garmin reviews so far. But let us tell you what’s new in this one.

This is specially designed for the athletes and can be their best training partners due to the features it has. Running, climbing, hiking, swimming, skiing, and a lot is possible by switching modes here. Time, distance, speed, lap time, calories and heart rates are measurable in this watch so it lets you do advanced workouts. Paired with HRM Run-monitor 2, the watch measures cadence and provides feedback on running with the number of steps/minute and vertical oscillation. With the Ski-board Mode, you have 3D data on time, distance, vertical drop, auto-pause, auto-run and much more. The Swim Mode records pace, stroke counts, intervals, etc. Last but not least, the Garmin Connect option lets you share and sync all of these with who you choose and there are the gold features of a 3-axis compass in ABC, worldwide-based map, TracBack and notification alerts.


  • Works great even as a refurbished watch
  • Worth the discounted price
  • Does excellent chest HR monitoring


  • Illumination could be brighter

How Should You Choose the Best GPS Watch for Hunting?

If you don’t have enough time to read all of it, just remember this: Altimeter-Barometer-Compass, ABC of hunting watches that you need to look out for. But if you do have enough time for this, when buying a GPS watch to serve your purpose of hunting, look for the following:

  1. Your watch should have a built-in barometer. This will help you to ensure that the weather at least is on your side when you are rout there hunting. Since you get to sort of predict bad weather, you get to escape it and save yourself from unwanted trouble.
  2. You may have a separate compass of your own, but it is great to have a double compass in case one stops working or malfunctions. Compass and altimeters are great additions to your GPS watch. It is only natural to get lost in the woods if you do not know it like the gamekeepers, and we’re hoping you won’t. You should have a watch that lets you know the directions. Because even if you don’t remember where to go, you might remember which direction you came from and trace your way back. Thanks to added GPS you wouldn’t need too much effort.
  3. Water-resistant watches are the real deal. There is no fun in hunting with a watch that passes out with a drop of water on it. Your water-resistant watch with its rugged built should be able to match your harsh hunting and let you have loads of fun.
  4. An alarm for sunrise and sunset will only do you good. It will make sure that you are within limits and do not fall captive to vicious nocturnals by staying out too late. Also, if you are spending a couple of days in the woods, it will help you keep track of your sleep/rest time and active time.
  5. With so many additional features other than the ABC, your watch is bound to lose a life. This is why you should get a watch that has high battery life for lasting in the wilderness. Buying a second-hand watch will kill this life by half and, therefore, is a bad choice to make when you need a long-lasting one.
  6. Your watch should be durable, we hope you know this if not anything. Look for a construction featuring stainless steel and corrosion-resistant, impact-bearing materials so that you can have a watch that lasts.
  7. This came last, but remember, your comfort lies in the band. So that should be made of comfortable material and not feel excessively hard on your wrist. Also, don’t forget to keep it stylish!


The watches have shown here make some of the best GPS watches for hunting. They will almost always make sure that your hunting business faces little to no hardships. But there will be bad days and good days, as it happens to the best of hunters. So pick any of the watches, our bet remains on Garmin, or even choose anyone you like from research and comparison and make your hunting game worthwhile and timely. Just don’t look at the sun continues to keep track of time!

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