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Find the Best Watches for Boys | 10 Mid-ranged Watches You should Know

best watches for boys

Find the Best Watches for Boys | 10 Mid-ranged Watches You should Know

by nishejewel

Getting the best watches for boys in the market isn’t easy. Moreover, selecting the right timepiece for your kid among-st the thousands of wristwatches in the market gets even more difficult.

Our compact guide will help you find the right match for your kid. We’ll also reflect upon some of the recent kids’ watches along the way and discuss some of their positives and drawbacks. Stay with us…

10 Best Watches for Boys

Now , You’re going to dive into the review of the best watches for boys, actually, you like most to read this big review what you’re looking for. 

Let’s do that!

01. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch


 best watches for boysYes, it’s Casio that we’ll talk about first!

Casio, as you may have already known, offers premium Japanese quality watches. G-Shock is definitely one of their most famous products that make up a quarter of all Casio’s sales. First off, the box that it comes in is fine! Inside the paper box, there is a fat instruction manual which I’d recommend you guys to read to understand the various functions this beauty has to offer!

Then comes the final tinned box, beautifully made, small and compact! This helps the G-Shock to be protected from any sorta trouble during shipping.

This GA 100-1A1 has both digital and analog modes. It has a stealthy look. The tactical design of this makes it a quality military timepiece.

Yea! I found a drawback to talk about! Lighting, it is. The light that this has is placed in the bottom of the watch which illuminates the entire part of the but does so in a poor fashion I’d say. I expected this to be illuminated from the back.

Also, the color of the light could’ve been a bit different. Bush white or green would’ve been better than the yellow light, but that’s all individual choice! The light tbh is not that bright, especially if you’re going for the all-black background.

The alarms are audible and four different alarm system! Battery G-Shock offers with this is approximately two years. It’s also water-resistant to 200 meters which is pretty good.

It has a 12/24 hour format and they’re also magnetic resistant! You can also set a world time of 29 different time zones.

As usual, they have the date, countdown timer, and stopwatch.

The face is a bit bigger, but with the price point, this is an absolute beast and perhaps one of the watches for boys!


  • Outstanding packaging
  • Audible alarm
  • Tactical look
  • Magnetic and Water-resistant
  • Comfortable sporty band


  • The face is a bit bigger
  • Poor lighting

02. VtechKidizoom Smartwatch DX


best watches for boysLet’s come to the details of this wristwatch. First, the packaging it comes is quite big for a watch, enlarging the expectations of your child.

The screen resolution of it; is good but not an extraordinary camera that comes with it is spectacular for a watch!

Now lets come to the games! It has a total of five games to play from. But there are other apps which are fun as well!

The design is stylish and this watch comes with a quite working touch screen. Let’s discuss the watch section, this device has quite a lot of faces to choose from. These various faces will aid your kid to learn how to tell time quicker. It has both digital and analog faces.

At the bottom of it, there’s a little speaker as well. The quality of the camera is quite good for a smartwatch. You can also connect this device to your pc and download more learning apps for your kids.

It also has a calendar and a calculator. Your kid will be able to tell the date and perform mathematical equations using this as well.

Multiple faces for your kids to learn how to tell time. This can be considered among some of the best watches for boys within budget.

It’s also splash-proof, so if your kids splash something or sweats, its hoped to defend itself well. This even has a sound recorder, which is pretty amazing given it’s a smartwatch for kids!

This comes with a rechargeable battery. On average, it may last up to 2-3 days.

Right now this is perhaps one of the best watches for youth, overall it seems really good!


  • The brand specialized in kids products
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Games
  • A vast array of faces
  • Calendar and calculator
  • Splash proof


  • The screen could’ve been better

03. Kids Digital Sport Watch


best watches for boysThese are some of the economic choices for your kids. Let’s get straight into the business. Well, these timepieces are multi-functional. Offers you various programs to use from.

It has a dual time feature. This has both digital and analog faces. So, it will be easier for your children to learn to tell time quickly.

This wristwatch has some sorta sporty look to it, kids who love to sound sporty may like the design.

Another feature that comes with this clock is EL backlight. This is quite good I must say. You may ask why, I have discussed the Casio G-shock 1A1 has a light in the bottom of it, which sometimes is not able to light the whole face.

But it has the EL backlight function which illuminates light from beneath the watch and quite effective in the dark.

Just like the other digital watches, they also have Day and Date features. Your children will learn to tell the day and date exactly while wearing this watch.

It has an alarm clock for your child to remind him of going to school or going out to play with his mates.

The sellers claim to have 50 meters water resistant but I’d personally advise you not to try it. It’s better if you keep it away from the water.

There are many functions in this which may get a bit difficult for kids to get used to. Yet, all in all, it’s not a bad choice in the price range.


  • Budget wristwatch
  • Attractive design
  • Digital/Analog faces
  • Date and day
  • Stopwatch


  • A bit difficult for kids
  • Strap can be a bit short for some

04. Garmin Vivofit Jr


best watches for boysIf you’re worried about the best watches for kids you must go for the best brands, as simple as that. Garmin is one of the highly renowned US tech giants who specialize in GPS technology. They manufacture some of the best digital watches for kids specially smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Well, if you’re looking for the best fitness tracker for kids this can be one of the options you should consider.

Its completely okay to presume the product is high-end stuff and offers multiple functions, as Garmin is competing with tech giants such as Apple and Fitbit.

Vivofit Jr comes with a device and a band and you can choose the band that fits your child. It does have some kid-friendly functions. But it mainly helps the parents to track their children’s activities.

Vivofit Jr comes accompanied with the app called Vivofit Junior App that you can install on your mobile and monitor your kid’s activities on the go. You can track two things in particular, first off, how much your child is having sleep, and how many steps they have taken throughout the day.

You can also instruct your children chores on the app, which will be displayed at your given time on your child’s Vivofit Jr, isn’t this amazing?

It has a stopwatch and wifi connectivity. Garmin claims this watch to waterproof, and given the reputation of this US-made watch, I believe there should be nothing wrong getting in the water wearing one of these.

It has other general digital clock features, such as date and alarm.

Because of the way Vivofit Jr aids your child to stay fit this can easily be considered one of them, if not the best fitness tracker for teenagers.

Another unique feature that it has is the one-touch button. Vivo has managed to cram up various functions in it using only one button. This is quite impressive, helps your child interact with the device with ease. This is undoubtedly one of the best watches for boys and girls!

All in all, it’s an ultimate parenting tool to positively monitor your children’s activities


  • Various designs
  • Simple to use
  • Kid-friendly
  • Monitor ability
  • Monitor ability
  • Renowned company


  • Expensive

05. Kids Digital Watch, Boys Sports Waterproof Led Watches


best watches for boysThis one is a stylish timepiece for kids. With a round design, it has quite a sporty look!

This watch is purely digital, the number sizes are large and the date is clear as well. As with most of the digital+analog watches, they make the face look like a spider net and this may make it difficult for children to tell the time. On the other hand, this clock, being purely digital will aid your children to understand time and date simply.

Further, the bigger time and date numbers will facilitate their time telling. It has multiple colored designs that are quite stunning especially to kids!

Another positive feature of these watches is that these watches come in moderate price range, you won’t have to spend a lot of bucks for one of these.

The sellers claim this watch to be 50M waterproof. If it is, what they claim it to be then it is quite good. But, pressing the buttons or keeping it underwater for too long may cause issues so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The led backlight will give you a clear understanding of time in the dark. This watch has some other general digital watch features as well, stopwatch being one of them. It also claims to have chronograph and alarm. You can consider this a possible buy if you’re looking for watches for kid boy.

All in all, its a pretty good timepiece at this price range.


  • Stylish looking
  • Sporty
  • Large numbers
  • Full digital
  • Moderate price range


  • Not of a renowned brand
  • May seem a bit heavy for kids

06. Boys Girls Sport Digital Electronic Watches with LED


best watches for boysThis has a round design. Which looks quite stylish and also has a sporty feeling to it!

Some of the manufacturers almost forget about the taste of the girls. Girls don’t usually go for dark colors as boys do, like, black or blue. Rather they opt for pink or whitish colors. This timepiece along with black and blue comes in pink color as well which will surely attract your little princesses out there!

Like the other clocks I mentioned just now, this too has a pretty moderate price range, available for most of the buyers.

The manufacturers also claim the bezel and buckle both to be made of stainless steel. That’s pretty good and you may expect the watch to last longer.

It has an EL backlight function, good for night time use. One of the features that I must talk about this is the detail they have put on the face. It has both a week and date display. This shows the day the week, the month and the date.

Okay, lets come to the waterproof factor. You’d always want your kids to watch waterproof completely. This is 50M waterproof as professed by the sellers. But this comes with an extra warning by them which is good IMO. The sellers explicitly mention that. it is NOT for longtime underwater activities. You are also warned not to press any buttons when in the water. I think you should strictly abide by the warning for a longer watch life.

I’m not sure whether it’s one of the best watches for boys and girls but all in all its not bad and you may give this a try.


  • Round design
  • Stylish looking
  • Different color options
  • EL Backlight
  • Moderate price range


  • Not for extreme underwater use

07. Kids Sports Watches Multi-Function Waterproof Quartz Watch


Beswlz brings kids sports clocks within an affordable price range. These are specially aimed at kids, thus has an interesting design.

Hate to start off with a negative remark, the design of this watch is a bit not up to the taste. For example,it looks quite big to be kids’ timepiece. This is said to be 3.2 ounces, which is still quite heavy for kids at 6-7.

Then, they have some words written out there, which I don’t is necessary at all. At the topmost part, it’s written ‘’strong durable’’ and at the bottom ‘‘water resistant’’. All in all, they should’ve been in the instruction manual or printed on the box, not the watch itself.

Now, leaving that aside, the has an interesting multifunction system. It offers both digital and analog time, which helps your kid to learn time telling well.

Another selling point of this could be its’ side screw of the belts. BesWLZ claims this unique way of attaching the belt will fix some of the issues the usual belts had.

It has an EL backlight feature, then it also has a dual-zone feature, this quite unique in kids’ timepieces. Usually, kids don’t have dual time zones, this IMO is a good add on and definitely a selling point.


  • Analog and Digital combined
  • EL backlight
  • Side screw fixed straps
  • Dual time zone


  • Can be complex for kids
  • Big and heavy

08. AZLAND Boys Girls Watches


Azland brings sports collection for your boys and girls! These are like some of the other clocks I discussed about. Its another mid-ranged product, but it has some things to offer that may make you positive about buying your children one of these.

I will not waste my words and go straight to the things that this watch has to offer that others couldn’t. Well, the first thing that I’ll talk about is the guarantee! Quite hard to believe, isn’t it?

Getting 2 months to hassle-free return and exchange policy and 12 months guarantee in a mid-ranged watch is quite impressive IMO. Tbh, low and mid-ranged products are not built with extraordinary precision like the high-end ones’, nor do they have the toughness and quality of the upper classed ones.

Kids go out playing and doing the things they do and end up getting their timepieces dead within weeks. You need watches that are extra tough to make them last longer. But, I think, Azland is quite convinced with the toughness of their products, otherwise, they would in the right mind, not have given a guarantee, being a mid-ranged manufacturer.

Other features include the digital+analog time system, date and month. It also has an hourly chime. Along with the 12 hours, you’re getting a 24-hour time format.

It comes with a manual and you’ll also be given a gift box with it, quite amazing!

This has a dual time zone so your child will be accustomed to multiple time zones. Further, it also has EL backlight.

The sellers claim this to be waterproof and profess to have no issues with summing, surfing or bathing. But they explicitly warn you about pressing the buttons under the water.

Last but not least, again the face 42mm. Which is quite big for kids. It can be an issue for flexibility.


  • Guarantee
  • Digital analog
  • 12/24-hour time format
  • Gift box
  • Dual time zone


  • Big watch face
  • May not seem flexible to kids

09. Kids Waterproof Sport Watch-Casual Camouflage Wrist Watch for Kids


Skemi brings you unique sports watches in 7 different designs. This device has various functions. First of all, they have a medium-sized digital display which is easy for your child to navigate. Then they have EL backlight feature as well. It’d be easier for your child to use it in the dark or show it off to their friends ( something kids do with their watches all the time).

Further, Skemi states that this digital clock has a waterproofing for 50M. Which is pretty good. BTW one thing that you must remember, the manufacturer has already warned you not to press any button while the watch is under the water. I’d say you should better listen to this warning or else the watch may be gone after a few weeks. 

The alarm clock is also something that the kids look for. You may need to tell your child to go to school. If you’re not home at that time, you can just set the alarm on his watch and instruct him to run to school when the alarm rings.

It also has a calendar and stopwatch timing. Not bad for a kids watch. 

One of its’ uniqueness is its’ looks. They look really sporty and with the military camouflage that watches look even more stylish!


  • Moderate price range
  • Military Camouflage
  • Digital watch
  • Calendar
  • EL Backlight


  • May seem a bit pricey to some
  • No warranty/guarantee

10. Kid Watch 3D Cute Cartoon Multi-Function 50M Waterproof


This is perhaps one of the best watches for teenagers!

Not too sure about the toughness but IMO this is perhaps your child will love to have!


Because it has quite some features that the child often looks for. For example, the light! It is something that we all are interested in. Children are really hyped about how good their light is.

The manufacturer addressed such childish needs and puts in these seven different colored lights! This is really interesting and definitely a high selling point for the children! The light colors include: dark blue, green, red, sky blue, orange, pink and purple. You can set default from these seven colors.

Let’s come to the design of this cute thing! These are designed especially for kids. They come in various alluring designs for your kids. It has 29 different cute cartoon designs for your kid to choose from! Adding 3D cartoons on the belts makes this a unique choice for kids.

This perhaps may not be one of the best watches for boys and girls but too has a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24 months warranty. Again, giving warranty in a kid’s things takes courage especially if you’re not a high-end manufacturer. Based on this they seen quite trustworthy I must say!

Like the other digital clocks, this too has an alarm, stopwatch, date and week. This also has an hourly chime, so your kid develops an inner understanding of time.

The manufacturer claims this to be 50M waterproof. They also claim to have used environment-friendly materials which are good for your children. Because of all the features detailed above this can be considered to be among the best teenage watches out there!


  • Unique design
  • The backlight of various colors
  • Kid-friendly
  • 3D cartoon
  • Good warranty facility


  • Doesn’t have world time
  • The battery may drain for overusing light


Buying Guide of the Best Watches for Boys

Well, getting the best kids watches can get really tricky sometimes! They love to be around the backyard doing crazy stuff. Children always like to be around rocks, flowers, leaves, etc. Often they run, play thousands of different outdoor games and what not? Similarly, their timepieces need to have enough strength to match with their crazy activities as well! Furthermore, there are other things that you should keep in mind while buying watches in general. This is a short buying guide on how to choose the best watches for boys and girls.

01. Toughness 

Yes, this should be the number one criteria that you must look for while buying timepieces for your young ones. Toughness is something that you should always try to find if you wanna filter out the best watches for boys and girls!

Kids tend to be busy with various kinds of outdoor activities. Thus, their watches need to be strong as well. As far as my knowledge is concerned, brands that have a history of making tough watches can be your pick. Furthermore, those who offer a guarantee or warranty on their products can also be on your list. If they are durable, then you won’t need to go to them anymore. If they fail the durability test then, you can get it fixed or a new one! So a win-win situation!

02. Light 

Yes, if you’re a kid, light is really really important in the watch! Even though we have light everywhere, having a bright light in the clock is something that kids pride after. Moreover, having different colored lights can give an extra feeling of happiness in kids.

03. Price 

Price is always important while buying watches. The price range varies from 10 dollars to the million-dollar Astronomia. We always wanna buy the best product in the market. But our price range is often limited. So, we’ll have to pick something that performs well but comes in a limited price range as well. 

04. Color of the Best Watches for Boys

Well, grown-ups are a bit limited in terms of choosing a color. Kids are quite the opposite. They want a variety of colors in anything they use. Black, blue, green, yellow, pink and what not? So, choose which has a variety of colors. 

05. Designs 

Design is one of the most important elements for any timepiece. Kids love designs that are colorful and eye-catching. Their other design standards as well. Kids, for instance, prefer a round face than a square. These designs may also include cartoon characters of their choice.  

Some kids also go for a sporty look when they’re about to grow up a little bit. 

06. Digital/Analog 

The type of watch is also something that should be kept in mind. Kids, in general, wear digital watches. Analog watches are also used by children but digital is most favored. Some watches combine both the digital and analog functions together. 

07. Water-resistant 

Yes, this is really important especially for children. Firstly, kids are often playing with liquid substances. Because of high outdoor activities, they tend to sweat a lot as well. Therefore, waterproofing is vital in your kids’ watch. If you don’t have it then chances are that your child may damage the watch exposing it to water. So, id advises you to go for watches which have authentic waterproofing.  

There are some watches where the manufacturer gives you some warnings. You must not forget to read those instructions before you let your kids go ahead with the watch. There are some watches which also forbid you not to press buttons underwater, it’s better to keep that in mind. 

08. Warranty/Guarantee

Warranty/Guarantee/Refund factor is always vital in terms of getting a watch for your kids. Mid ranged watches sell their products focusing on many positive selling points. So, they’re expected to be tough. Warranty and guaranty are the security that will allow you to pursue the manufacturer later on if in any case, they fail.  

09. Functions

Watches designed for kids now have multiple functionalities. There are even some smartwatches that let your kid play games and take photos as well. Find watches that offer you kind friendly apps and functions. They can also aid you to track your child. 

10. Brand

Top class brands make the best watches for boys this is a simple theory that you can follow. This is perhaps one of the most discerning factors that help you buy a watch without going through much. 

Top class brands that have an outstanding reputation are always expected to perform better. You’ll just have to find out whether they’re offering you the required functions. 

Best Watches for Boys– Recommendation

From the watches, I discussed there are two watches in particular that I’d like to talk about. First, the Casio Men’s G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1. It’s so far the best watch that I have discussed in the guide. First of all the products of Japan has a positive reputation in the market as you all may know. Secondly, the G-shock series is one highly sought after and Casio has a high place among the watch lovers. 

These watches have different features, from the stopwatch to pure waterproofing and magnetic resistance. With the superb stylish military look and outstanding toughness. These watches are incredible. They’re a bit expensive among other timepieces in the list, yet they deserve the top spot. 

Another pick of today is Garmin Vivofitjr.First of all again the country of origin. They’re the US made and the brand is very well known to design some of the best smartwatch products in the world. They’re competing with Apple and other high-end smartwatch manufacturers. You can surely expect quality stuff from them. 

The thing that strikes me that most are Garmin Vivofit Jr is not a smartwatch but it is perhaps one of the best parenting tools there ever can be. Its’ activity tracker lets you know what your child is doing. It also helps you give out different tasks to your child to complete. This boosts parent-child communication. And gives you a better bond even in this age of alienation.Vivofit Jr addressed the parent-child communication gap creatively and smartly! 

To sum up

Watches from the early stages of their innovation have been seen as something that may do a bit more than just telling time. This tendency of human beings to surpass the boundaries is observable in the way we construct watches now. Smartwatches nowadays can even make calls. 

To understand more about this eternally evolving piece of science and to get the most out of the money that you’re spending in buying watches, more research should be put into this. Learn and understand the characteristics of watches and get the best watch for yourself and your family! 

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