Best Watches for Nurses You’ll Love to Know (10 Reviews and Guides)
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10 Best Watches for Nurses You’ll Love to Know (Reviews and Guides)

best watches for nurses

10 Best Watches for Nurses You’ll Love to Know (Reviews and Guides)

by nishejewel

Why the medic-sisters (and brothers) shall need the best watches for nurses to do their daily work, one might say. To you and us, a watch is just a time-keeping device. More than that, it could be a fashion accessory, a teller of your personality, an expression of what you think others should notice when they look at you and so much more. But to the nurses, they can be all these and more than that, since they have to dedicate so much of their time off the watch to the ailing patients and the hospital in general.

Now, there are plenty of watches in the market so to speak. But how many of them are befitting for medical purposes? Well, then too, there is plenty of fish in the sea. So we decided to round up ten of them that we like so that you cut out the research and effort. Also, we have a comprehensive guide for things you should do from the moment you decide to buy the watches to post-purchase care. 

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Kinds of Watches Nurses Need

There are 3 basic kinds of watches we deal with here: digital, analog and smart watches for nurses. Let’s discuss them in detail.


These are the best watch types as you will soon find out. They come with hour- and minute calibrations; and hour, second and minute hands.

When to choose analog watches? 

If you’re not too big a fan of push notifications or pop-up texts, we say you’d love analog. But that could be with digital watches too. They don’t show you notifications when you least want them. 

But digital watches may not be as light and are more expensive. Also, if you’re anything like our forgetful nurse friend who keeps losing her watch, don’t get a digital/smart one ma’am. If you prefer something that lasts long, is cost-effective, old but gold and apart from all these if your job itself stops you from getting other types than this, get an analog watch.


One step ahead are digital watches. A little more modern than the basic analog type. You have a good understanding with hours and minutes here, but not seconds. You can get used to this if you’ve never been a fan of the analog ones.

When to choose digital watches? Now, some of us have trouble multiplying and adding and subtracting and adding half-pasts and quarter-to’s to the numbers. For them, digital watches are a boon. If you want to spend money, but not a lot of money on the looks and functionality, then too, you should go for digital. This also doesn’t need changing and replacing as much as the next.


Smartwatches for nurses are the newest of the lot. They have an array of features in them and can be connected to your smartphones so as to sync everything. But as they say, too much of anything isn’t likably good. So we don’t want you to get lost in the selection of hundreds of things you could do and look for in a watch when every second matter in your patient’s case. And as you would expect, they happen to be the most expensive ones too.

When to choose a smartwatch? If you want easy access and a synced lifestyle, get a smartwatch. Can’t pull your phone out of the pocket? A quick look at the watch and you’re aware of the notification, important or not. You can keep track of your health other than helping with keeping track of the patient’s only, with this watch. Also, you get to customize a lot of applications. And what’s more, you can adjust the brightness of your screen to your liking! There are plenty of other features here that you won’t find in the above two types of watches.

Top Picks: 10 best watches for nurses

Here are our top picks

01. Casio LRW200H-7BVCF Diver-Look Women’s Watch in White

best watches for nursesCasio is a super popular name when it comes to delivering quality watches. They do not make watches for men only. Their craftsmanship and delivery are accessible and useful for people of any gender/profession. This one happens to be versatile. It is originally made for the divers, as a sports watch, but due to a number of good reasons, it works well with anyone in the medical field; starting from pre-nursing medic students to a registered expert. Not to mention our diver friends from a whole different profession. Since it is designed especially for divers, you would say it must be resistant to water. How else would it work!

Besides being resistant to water; it is shock-, wear- and tear-resistant. So, if your job requires you to frequently wash your hands throughout the shifts, you can rely on this old friend. The face of the watch, although smaller than expected comes with a striking white background topped with colorful pastel numbers, making it very easy to read. What we would expect was the second hand could be a little thicker. Other than that, we are fine with how well it reads.

It shows you the date and time accurately with the contrasted look. It has a 24-hour analog clock, a bidirectional bezel, and a Japanese quartz movement. The material used in making the watch is imported and made in the USA. It has a 35 mm resin band and a mineral case. It comes with a buckled closure. You get all of this at under 20 dollars only.


  • Excellent designing and craftsmanship
  • Great contrasting look for easy reading
  • The resin in the band makes it water and moisture-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable


  • Second’s hand and date are a little hard to see

02. Timex Women’s Weekender Watch in Blue/White Florals

best watches for nursesThe previous one was from the Diver series; this watch is from Weekender’s series. Cool name, right? As you do at weekends, anything goes. A versatile day that puts up with anything you plan. This watch is a standout for its versatility too.

You can use two different kinds of straps with it, a leather quick-release strap or a fabric slip-through strap. Interchangeable straps give you different looks for different days. Also, if you have trouble with the band that they provide, you can have it changed with a water-resistant one that you prefer.

The watch also comes in different sizes. So if you have a small wrist, a medium-side wrist or large wrists, you can have one that fits you perfectly. Often people with large hands complain that no watch has enough loops for them to hold it and fasten. But you’re safe with this one. The face shows a 24-hour military clock on a white background. Since it is a quartz, it is very soft ticking. The case is made of polished silver, and the case size is 38 mm. It is made from materials imported from abroad.

Another feature that we love about it, is the Indiglo, which allows it to be seen in the dark due to the backlighting and glowing properties. So if you have to work with light-sensitive or sleeping patients or in the night shift, this is a great choice. Gives you great readability. All this for under 40 dollars.


  • Water-resistant
  • You can have a bigger face on the watch
  • Straps are interchangeable
  • The band is comfortable on the wrist
  • Watch face feels super lightweight on the hand
  • Fits larger hands
  • Glow-in-the-dark properties


  • The canvas band may feel itchy
  • Color sometimes doesn’t match pictures

03. Armitron 25/6418 Women’s Watch in Black

best watches for nursesThis is again a sport watch, coming from Armitron, but not a nurse’s watch exactly. However, due to providing the benefits similar to a medical watch, we decided to include it on the list.

The looks of the watch can fool for business or business casual events, but it somehow looks as tough as a sports watch. It doesn’t look cheap if you ask us. But one thing many have complained of is that it has a printed “Made in China” in the inner side of the band, which is written is a very small font but if your band is pooping out, it will be visible. Hide it with some permanent marker if it bothers you.

It features a black 27 mm resin case topped with a stainless steel ring. The fact that it is made from nylon means that it is much easier to clean, and won’t absorb sweat to get all tacky. The numbers are large enough for you to read at a glance against the light ash background and large, black Arabic numerals on it. It is a 12-hour clock with the second’s hand being recognized and measured easily.


  • An excellent choice for those who have a small wrist
  • Can be worn with different outfits on different occasions
  • Resistant to water
  • Durable


  • Strap sticks out because the holder is easily movable
  • Takes time to put on the hand

04. Armitron Unisex 40/8423 Unisex Digital Watch in Red

best watches for nursesHere is another one from Armitron, but being unisex both male and female nurses can wear it easily without feeling uncomfortable. With this timepiece, we have the first digital one of the list right here.

It features a resin case, in the same red color the resin band is. The band is perforated and has a buckle closure with a sizing that should fit most. Also, the face is large enough to read from. It also has a reverse LCD time. And thank God full well that it doesn’t just have the hour and minute indication. It also shows you the seconds passed. So you’re getting better accuracy of the timing. If you’re someone who’s wanted to get digital watches but couldn’t since they don’t usually come in second’s indication, you found our choice. If you don’t like bright red, there are several other colors you could choose from.

Some of the functions of the watch include chronograph, lap time, alarm, military 24-hour time and 3-second delay backlighting. Thankfully, it is resistant to water.


  • Easy to read with a large face
  • Cleaning is easier
  • Great for casual wear too
  • Comes with a second’s indication
  • Good display of numbers


  • The face may be too large and hence uncomfortable for some
  • Changing the settings is a little hard

05. Dakota Casual Women’s watch in Pink

best watches for nursesIf you’ve seen Dakota Johnson in pink, the watch looks just like that. Cute, breezy and pretty in pink! But hey, this isn’t something she endorses or her brand at all, just saying. Even though it looks like her as a watch, it doesn’t speak so nicely and make elegant expressions. But what it does is its right job of time showing and self-expressing.

It is a 24-hour clock that shows you the military time. The second’s hand has every 15th one shaded in pink and white alternatively. So you have better accuracy and lesser calculation needs. This makes things much easier to track if you are doing respiratory assessments or administering medications. The black numbers are written on the white background, making everything clearly visible. Also, the combination of rose, white and black makes this cute little piece for the nurse that is also useful.

The strap is made of genuine leather and the watch is 25 mm thick. Although the leather is lovable in terms of comfort and cuteness, some have complained that it went dark after prolonged use. The watch is resistant to water. So if you have to frequently wash your hands and submerge it in the sink too often, don’t worry in the least.

Also, it is a regular-sized watch. So if you have small wrists, it may look chunky and if you have large wrists, the band size may not be enough for you.


  • Functional and pretty
  • Is resistant to water
  • An affordable purchase


  • Leather may get dark and a little stinky as leather watches do with time

06. Daisy Fuentes Digital Wrist Watch in Black

best watches for nursesThis is the best nurse watch according to us in terms of looks. It is like a blend of Batman and The Godfather’s dining scene; if that makes sense. A perfect blend of black and gold; the more we praise the look the less it is for this watch. Absolutely mind-blowing! But you must know never to get a watch for looks only. But we might fall victim here and you will too.

Anyway, purchasing this thing of style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice or get any less in the functionality. The silicone band is colored black, obviously, with a black case too. The case has a rose gold/mostly gold sleek top ring to it. It does not only make it look sleek but also has a formal yet sporty touch.

The watch is very durable being made of silicone and is much easier to clean and disinfect. The rubber is extremely soft so you won’t feel your skin being pulled in by it. You know how unformattable such watches can get, right? Also, due to the glowing properties at night, you can look at the time at a quick glance with the push of a button. And we are super glad it comes with a second’s indication. Better accuracy in time-keeping, here we come!


  • Looks effortless
  • Glow in the dark properties
  • Resistant to water and frequent hand sanitizing
  • Durable and comfortable


  • The backlight lasts only 2 seconds or so
  • The display could have been brighter

07. Lancardo Lapel/Hanging Fob Watch in “Style D”

best watches for nursesYou’ve seen a lot of watches so far so let’s take you through a lapel that we liked. If you didn’t know, a lapel watch can be hung down your apron or any clothes for that matter. So instead of taking a glance at your wrists, you can pull and watch the lapel.

This lapel comes in a unique and funky design for those of you who want to show a little personality on the plain-white outfits. It has a badge-holder that you can use to pin on clothes. The greatest benefit lapels give us is the free will to wash hands. Although some watches say they are water-resistant, they stop working when moisture enters the case. But with lapels, wash your hands and sanitize however frequently you want.

The lapel also comes in a bendable, flexible silicone case that you can clean with ease with alcohol wipes. And it tightly holds the watch so no worry there too. It has the best silicone case with funky patterns that you could ask for!

But one thing as a side note, this isn’t resistant to water. Now, you won’t be required to wash your apron with this thing on, this is why they probably didn’t make is resistant. So you have no work getting it near to water, although you can clean it with disinfectants, but with caution. Do whatever you want with the lapel case.

It is a twelve-hour clock with minute specifications and a second’s hand.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Great for those who don’t want to wear a wristwatch
  • Silicone case that is easy to clean
  • Not too heavy upon hanging, comfortable


  • Possibility of color bleed

08. VAVC Scrub Medical Watch for Nurses in White

best watches for nursesThe most unique thing about this watch is its super large face. This is the best watch for those who have large wrists. This translates to the super-easy readability of the watch.

It has a big white dial with military timing. It has red minute indications and a second’s hand other than the numbers written in black on a white background. That makes things more accurate and easily visible. The Japanese quartz movement gives of smooth ticking. The mineral crystal glass case is 40 mm that has surgical grade stainless steel bottom.

The band is a soft leather one and it is very easy to clean. It feels very comfortable on the hand.


  • No more squinting to read the numbers from the face
  • The large face makes seeing the second hand easier
  • Perfect for getting the patient’s vitals
  • Comfortable band
  • The band fits nicely on the hand


  • Not for someone with petite wrists

09. Pasnew Digital Watch in 45-A-White

This is also another great-looking watch. Actually, it is the second best-looking watch on the list.

It is a multifunctional watch that has three different alarm groups. It is waterproof and lightproof. There is also a stopwatch and nightlight in its functions. However, you are advised not to press the backlight button when your hand is submerged in water.

The dial display is pretty fashionable with a neon display of numbers over a black background. You can read it easier than the other digital watch we talked about previously. You should get an accurate time even if you use it for really long.

The window of the dial is made of acrylic glass which is known for better transparency and its resistance to key scratches. The case is ABS plastic with stainless steel on the back. It shows you the date, day and time in one display.


  • Comes with the most functionalities of the ones on the list
  • The dial is large enough for you to read
  • Very feminine
  • Backlighting options
  • Great value for money


  • Directions that come with it are vague

10. Ace Seller Pocket Watch with Keychain

Gives you all the Alice in Wonderland feels, this one. We have discussed analog watches, digital watches, and even a lapel this far. We decided to treat you with a pocket watch near the end. But is it as good as the others? Let’s find it out.

It is branded as a men’s pocket watch. But we see absolutely no reason while the female nurses can’t use it. The watch is really casual. Nothing fancy like that of White Rabbit. Although it does a keychain for ease of use.

It features a quartz style movement across the white background on which the numbers are marked in black. It is a 12-hour clock and there is also a second’s hand here, that is colored in red, as opposed to the others; so you do not have trouble finding it when you are in a hurry.

The face comes in a steel case about a centimeter thick. The highly-polished case is the only attraction in the piece if you’re thinking about the looks. It has a vintage appearance, if you need validation, with heavily embossed front and back. With things so simple, don’t judge its ability to make a fashion statement being a classic itself.


  • A sturdy watch that can withstand a lot of things
  • Looks as good as brand new after many days of use
  • Very convenient to use
  • Fits the bill perfectly


  • May kill time during emergencies to fetch it

Reasons They Need Special Watches

The nurses do need a watch different than us in functionality, not appearance. Here are the reasons:


Nurses need to keep track of their patient’s vitals (such as rate of breathing, the temperature of the body and apical pulse rates) frequently and record them for future reading. This is a regular and fundamental job they have to do as nurses. Nurse watches come in great help in doing these. And the greater accuracy that comes with analog watches allows them and the doctors to make an evaluation of the patient’s health readily. As a result, if there is any abnormality in the health or chances of it, they can be alert beforehand. Moreover, they can infer whether a medication or drug is acting or not.

Scheduling and Administering

The watches do not just let us take a look at whether or not the medications are working with the absence of irregularities or abnormalities, it also allows us to schedule them properly. Some watches come with built-in alarms that let the nurses know if any medication is due next. They help the nurses to administer how fast or how slow their patients need to be given the meds. But of course, a lot of things depend and occur on the basis of the patient’s psychological factors, the drug itself, the intervals of administration, etc.


Assessing for pain or potential diseases by tracking the extent or frequency of pain in a patient is a regular duty of the nurses.  It helps them to know if a patient is recovering and if the drug is working. Is the condition of the patient improving? Is it becoming worse? Or does it have no changes at all? Pain assessments can answer it through the severity and duration of it.


Accuracy is needed everywhere. A patient’s medical records aren’t any different. All medical tests, treatments, and pain/similar assessments need to be done at the right time and recorded at the right time. Lab charting and recording is also another form of documentation. Confusion in recording or misunderstanding after recording can be fatal to a patient. So it should be done with the utmost care and the right device for it.


This is not a special need. But nurses do need personal watches to keep track of time, isn’t it? Relying on the central hospital watch is so much harder and troublesome. There may be a lot of watches/wall clocks on your hospital, and even one at your desk. But reorienting yourself every time you need to know the time is a waste of time. That time you could spend on doing something useful. The opposite could also be true. Your hospital may not have any central clock or any time-keeper anywhere near. A wristwatch comes in handy here.

What Features to Look for

Look for the following features in your watch to get the best of it:


Metallic bands have a couple of problems. Firstly, they are hard to clean, so there are chances of infection in the nurse and the patient. Secondly, they are heavier. Thirdly, due to the edgy and sharp nature, they could hurt the patient. So, we’d say don’t buy metal straps if you are a nurse. Instead, you can go for leather, silicone or resin. Silicone is our best bet: being the lightest, easy-fit and easy-clean properties.


This is the most-viewed part of the watch. It must be large enough for you to see things right and small enough to not appear tacky or feel uncomfortable. A white/light-colored background and dark-colored/black hour/minute hands are mostly preferred. Of the hands, the absolute visibility of the second hand should be ascertained.


The case should be resistant to all that you put it through the whole day. Being a nurse, you will need to clean it often. So give special attention to this. A glass face and stainless steel back make a good case. Plastic, we would say, makes a cheap, light, but a poor choice if you consider longevity.


A glow-in-the-dark option is suitable if you have to work at night shifts and don’t want to disturb your patient by turning on the light. You can easily use a watch that has a backlight if you are working with senior patients or those in the maternity ward.

Water Resistance

Now, here’s the deal. You can have a watch that isn’t waterproof. But that calls for extra precautions, which you may not have the time of undertaking at that moment. Say that you need to wash your hands or do other work that will involve water/other solutions; you will always need to take time to remove your watch. And this is something insignificant to waste time on, when you are in an emergency. So get something that is resistant to water to be safe.

Ticking Noise

You need to be careful about this one too. Some watches have a slight, mild, almost inaudible tick. Others have a much louder one where you can hear every second passing. It can depend on your preference or the ward you work in. But the loudness could be troublesome for sensitive patients.

So keep that in mind.

How to Buy the Best Watches for Nurses

You can take a look at this comprehensive buying guide if you are any confusion regarding how to buy the best watches for nurses. We tried to cover almost everything:

Pre Purchase: Before you buy, take good care so to:


The biggest problem we buyers have is that right after we enter the shop, we forget all that matters and impulsively keep buying things we don’t even need or isn’t anywhere close to what we came to buy. And of course, we realize it pre-checkout. If you are more mature than us and do not have this issue, good for you. But a sorting lesson is something everyone should know.

While buying watches, it is natural to fall victim to the looks, the shine, the built; sometimes more than the functionality. So, you’ll need to sort things out here more than anything. Try writing down and making a list of the things you want your watch to give you.

Do you want larger numbers?
You need a backlight?  
Do you want a bigger dial?

Cut things out that are unnecessary; such as a pink border or a different font of numbers. In this way, by sorting, you’ll remove what is not needed from the watch and remove unnecessary wants; getting yourself only what you need.

But make sure that while sorting, you do not pass watches that were cheap, offered a couple of good functions but didn’t have what you wanted, although it had what you needed.


Reviews are a great way to know what someone who has the watch or used the watch has to say about the piece. You may think something is super good till you find out it has a problem in it that buyers noticed only after. Again, some new brands that nobody is trusting to give one shot, maybe a good one and have everything you need within the budget. But mind you, there will be fake reviews. So, read the reviews of trusted users who made the purchase.


There are sites that compare one watch to the other or three watches together. If you are confused with options, you can always compare things that come at the same price but that different features or things with the same features that come at different prices. Looking at the competitors will help you find what you want.


The price varies depending on the features you are asking from the watch and the brand that you choose. A decent medical watch for nurses will come under 35 dollars. For under 50 dollars you will get a lot of added benefits. And if you are getting nurse watches from Amazon, the price will alter due to shipping fees.

Price should be one concern, but not the only concern when you are buying these watches. If you think you are low on cash, wait till you have enough and save to get a good one. Your habit of spending less may have you end up with a watch that is a headache to you. The material may be faulty, allergic; the features may not work it may be prone to breakdowns every now and then. So, 50 gives you a great one, 35 gives you a decent one; and if you think you want to spend more than that, happily do, but don’t forget to read the start of this section again.

During: This is what you should maintain as you are buying the watch:


Since this is the place where you’ll be looking at the most time of the day, this is also something that needs to be discussed first. How do you want the face of your watch to be? Should it display military-style time? Or is it okay if you get the good-old 12-hour display? Is the second hand a necessity? Are you happy with the regular size of numbers or do you need the ones that show larger numbers? If you have visibility issues and are any blind like one of us, the regular time sizes may be a little difficult for you. Get larger numbers for the aid of vision. The color of the background and the hands themselves also need to be paid special attention to.


To make sure you don’t get allergy or rashes from wearing the watch frequently and it lasts long, gets the material that will provide you with such benefits. Also, it should be something that is easier to clean. Silicone, rubber, etc. are good options as long as they are not making your hands red. But if you have to deal with a lot of germs and cleaning, get leather since it is the easiest to clean. The material should be water-resistant, too. If possible, resistance to mechanical shock and vibration are added bonuses.


Whether you need a wristwatch or a lapel will depend on a lot of things. If you need to frequently wash your hands and are uncomfortable having something clinging onto your wrist, or are allergic to any watch material, you can get a lapel. But lapel has issues of correct placement. Wristwatches are great for those who want a quick and easy glance and don’t like anything hanging from their neck or clothes. Each has its own benefits so get what you would like.

Post Purchase: After buying (or not), pay attention to these:


Replacing your old watch bands into something more work-friendly and durable can give you a good-looking, trusted watch a new get-up and use. If you don’t want to do any of these, simply change bands. You can get a rubber/silicone one or any type that you prefer. It will not only increase the usability of the watch but also come with a safety and reassurance that at least you know how it works.


Watches should be cleaned regularly if you don’t want germ buildup of microbes sitting there. Use proper disinfectants that will not harm the material of the band or the case, and also not cause any allergic reactions.


So here goes what we think are the best watches for nurses and how to buy and maintain them. We hope you liked the list and the guide to get you the best durable and functional timepiece.

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