Can I shower with my apple watch? It is the best solution for you.
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Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Your Watch In The Shower

can i shower with my apple watch

Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Your Watch In The Shower

by nishejewel

Can I shower with my apple watch? Yes, it is the best user guide for shower with the watch. Let’s continue reading.  

If your watch is water-resistant, that does not mean it can hold every kind of water density and pressure in every situation.

Among all the places we get into the water every day, the shower is one of the very common.

There could be some reasons why you should not wear your watch in the shower. We would try to list some of them right here.

Lose the water-resistance power

But, firstly you should check what the manufacturer says about the water-resistance power of your watch. You can also check out what the others have found while testing them. You don’t have to test your favorite watch now. Because we have done that for you. Just keep reading. Can I shower with my apple watch? It is the best solution for you.

Most of the experts do not believe in the watch ratings. So, we could hardly see any experts around us to drown their watch in the water. Overall, you should not wear your watch while in the shower. Whether it is warm or cold water.

If they are warm, and a few moments get passed then it starts to cool down. Wet air can be sucked inside your watch at that time, it does not matter if it is waterproof watches or not.

If this happens a lot of times, then it can ruin your watch including stopping it from moving. And if they are cold water, it won’t wait for the time that the warm water would do. Now, what happened with the so-called water-proof features of these watches?

Let me explain

Most of the water-proof watches have a resistance power of 10m depth in water. This is common and lesser than you need to drown your watch in the water. Only a few of them have the highest power of 1220 m.

If you can make it that much deeper, your watch is going to smash at least the glass and eventually, water enters into it. You can think that breaking the glass of a watch is so hard to do, but getting into 1220 m of deep in the water and feeling the pressure of it is not that much easy. Now, you will say that what’s the relation of talking concerning this after we were imagined to discuss the disadvantages of entering into the shower with our watches.

Here is the point, if you are in the shower with your watch, water is falling on your watch freely may be from a 2 m upper location with an extra speed from the pipe which is adding more pressure in the water. That pressure is equal to the pressure you can get if your watch is liquidated 5 cm.

That’s a kind of pressure which is not even near to the pressure you can get while diving deep in the water. But, one fact is true that wearing your watch in the shower puts your watch in a test every time. It does not give that much pressure, it is still getting pressure every day.

This can be said for the watch water resistance rating also. You can liquidate them as long as they survive from leaking and taking water into them. Plus, you cannot even trust the rating the watch brands tell you. A lot of cheap and dishonest brands tag their watches with fake ratings to attract customers.

Sorrowful matter

can i shower with my apple watch

The most sorrowful matter is that you cannot test their durability in the version you have just bought. A great number of them fail. Certainly, you don’t want the watch that you have purchased just now to get broken for research or test purpose.

If the brand you are buying the watch of, is not that much popular or people barely know it, then do not trust their watch ratings. Of course, you can buy a watch from them, just be sure that they break or leak before the borderline that they claim.

If it is quite a few years or even months passed that you have purchased your watch, then surely the case, the parts that used to ensure the water-resistance are older now. In the case of machines, the older, the weaker.

During this time, because of the rains and high-temperature weathers, you have been through, may have boiled the watch’s durability. Including the water-resistance power, a lot of other features may have stopped working or slightly works which you cannot read on its glass or back. Any parts or screws may have even lost from your watch.

The gaskets of your watch can lose its bond with the rest of the watch body when it ages. It can also affect the ability to expand itself.

Every time you screw your watch, it ‘s health downgrades. Your watch is a living material. It ages as we humans do. With time, your watch can drop some of the water-resistance power ratings it has got when making.

If you wear your watch in this condition, it can make the servicing date quicker than you have expected. And from then on, you may have to take it to any servicing center now and then to get the factory performance from it.

The watch Leather Band may get worse

If the strap of your watch is formed of metal or nylon, they’re going to simply adapt to the water, notwithstanding what quantity they’re. however they’re a product of animal skin, then its a retardant for each you and your watch if you let it get wet.

Your leather band watch should never get touched to any kind of water.

To protect your leather band watch from getting destroyed untimely, and then do not let it uncovered in high humidity, vivid straight light, any oily products or liquid. Doing this can protect your leather strap from being wasted or discolored.


Your gaskets won’t warn you before getting old. You do not know when they have lost their water resistance power. Take off your watch keep it aside, and then get showered. Take a little time every time, to protect your favorite timepiece.

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